1.system on module (SOM) sales

We conducted very detailed performance and reliability tests on the core module

2. According to customer needs, based on the core module, R & D, design and sales of various pcba

Interface pcba development, we have very rich experience in the industrial field

3. Provide core module bsp support

We are very good at openwrt development, helping customers transplant chip drivers to openwrt, PHY MAC Driver and Wireless LAN Driver optimization have a lot of experience

Wi-Fi 7 SOM's
Wi-Fi 6 SOM's [Highly recommended NHX6018]
Wi-Fi 5 SOM's [Highly recommended NHX4019]
Radio modules
Edge Gateway

Wireless video transmission Wi-Fi 5 Wi-Fi 6 Wi-Fi 6E Wi-Fi 7  OEM  ODM  JDM


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