1. RF : Antenna / RF lineup / Filter & Noise /discrete and monolithic RF designs/etc
2. PON : GPON MAC RTL/OMCI/IOP/ Provides optimal design (cross-chip platform: MRVL/RTK/HiSilicon/MTK/BCM/etc.)
3. Wi-Fi : Carrier Wi-Fi/Enterprise Wi-Fi/Client Wi-Fi/Industrial Wi-Fi/Internet of Things Wi-Fi
4. DSL : VDSL2 (bonding and vectoring) and G.fast/FTTdP
5. Quality Design: Reliability / Failure Prediction / Reliable Testing
6. Cost design and productivity design
7. Parts : Raw Material / Supplier Management and DPA
8. Automated Testing : RF / Execution / Automated Performance Testing


1. Cooperation mode: OEM, ODM, JDM
2. delivery content: DEMO, small batch, large batch, no order quantity requirements
3. Service content:
Custom device driver development, integration and maintenance services
Custom firmware development
Custom hardware design and integration
FCC certification supports long-term maintenance
QCA's device driver source code is available under a third-party license agreement (TLA)

Wireless video transmission 802.11AC  Wave 2  11AX  OEM  ODM  JDM


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